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Let the Children Come to Me

-Mark 10: 13-16

Scripture tells us “we love, because God first loved us” (1 John 4:20 RSV). Although children are born with the capacity to love, they need the experience of being loved if they are to become loving people.

We believe early childhood education is an integral part of our parish mission and ministry and is a significant avenue for outreach in the community. Early childhood education provides a program designed for support, encouragement, and opportunities that enhance the educational and developmental processes already present in the home. Children learn through experimentation and exploration. Therefore, we plan developmentally appropriate activities and value play as an avenue for learning. We believe each child is unique and special and we encourage self-esteem and individuality.

—Kellie Peterson

Our Staff

We are pleased to introduce you to our staff:

Director: Kellie Peterson

Assistant Director: Dawn Bieber

Preschool Teachers: Regina Miller, Barb Serrano, Jenn Malloy, Laura Kolenc, Kelley Edwards

PreK Teachers: Tracee Bell, Nicole Storatz, Tessa Serrano, Julia Neath-West, Jill Holmes

Teacher Assistants: Aryana Figueroa-Juarez