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The athletic program is available to all students in grades three through eight so that all might develop their athletic abilities and learn the importance of teamwork. The goal of each team is to provide each student the opportunity to develop his/her athletic skills. In general, students will be assigned to teams of similar skill levels and will participate in leagues that are appropriate to the team’s skill level. Prior to the season, team formation practices will be held to assess skills so that appropriate league designations may be made.

The Athletic Director, together with the school administration, will make final determinations on specific issues impacting the philosophy and direction of the athletic program.

All coaches are volunteers who have committed themselves to the growth and development of their teams. They attend Safe Environment Trainings and Play Like A Champion coaching training and/or other coaching sessions, but their goal is always the team experience and helping individuals to succeed regardless of scores or game outcomes. Theirs is a job that needs parental support and acknowledgment of the long hours of skill-building and patience. Parents of fifth graders and sixth graders, or those new to the school’ must also take a parents’ Play Like a Champion class. At all times, MPB is to be a hospitable environment for children to engage in their chosen sports together.

Most Precious Blood is a member of the Catholic Schools Athletic League (CSAL). Younger students in third and fourth-grade play in the Widget league, where learning basic sports skills and procedures is emphasized. Fifth through eighth graders play more competitively in junior varsity and varsity teams. Students in grades fifth through eighth enjoy cross-country in the fall, and MPB competes in Archdiocesan and local meets. If interest is high, boys volleyball can be offered in the fall as well. MPB also forms teams in boys’ and girls’ basketball in grades third through eighth. These teams play during the winter months. In the spring, third through eighth-grade girls play other Catholic schools in volleyball. The Archdiocese also recently sponsored flag football and futsal (indoor soccer) for the older students. It also offers bowling and golf tournaments to Archdiocesan students.

MPB students are very active all year long, especially in the fall. Students participate on local club teams such as hockey, lacrosse, soccer, football, softball, and baseball.