Most Precious Blood School is committed to using the most up-to-date technology available to enhance learning. Times have changed, students have changed and the tools we use to teach have changed. Teachers at MPB embrace the challenges and blessings of modern-day technology. We see technology as a means for preparing the 21st Century citizen. Our society demands adaptive, problem-solving, and tech-savvy individuals. Proficiency with technology among faculty and students is imperative for preparing the next generation of workers.

Here are a few of the ways MPB uses technology:

  • SMART Boards
  • SMART Response interactive response system
  • 150 iPads for instruction, learning, and assessment across levels and disciplines
  • Mobile lab with 25 Dell Laptops
  • Computer lab with 25 Dell PCs
  • Chrome books for class research and use of online texts
  • Google accounts for cloud storage and e-mail
  • Document cameras
  • MAPs (Measure of Academic Progress) to monitor academic progress.
  • Blogs to facilitate discussions and learning.
  • Type to Learn software to develop typing skills.
  • Lexia Learning Core 5

SMART Technologies

SMART Boards bring digital lessons to life integrating the projector, computer, and the SMART interactive touch display. Students interact with the teacher’s lessons as well as other digital resources such as GoNoodle, ThinkCentral, and Discovery Education.

The SMART Response system allows teachers to assess student learning quickly. Students use clickers (similar to a T.V. remote) to respond to questions. The program collects and organizes the answers so that teachers can quickly see what needs to be retaught or when it is time to move on.

SMART Technologies


MPB uses iPads to assess and expand student learning, introduce new information, and prepare students for the 21st Century. iPads enhance the teacher’s ability to provide real-time information, increase authentic learning experiences, and foster creative learning environments

Lexia Learning Core 5

Lexia Reading Core 5 is a software program dedicated to teaching phonemic awareness and reading skills to students. “Lexia provides explicit, systematic, personalized learning on foundational reading skills for students of all abilities, and delivers norm-referenced performance data and analysis without interrupting the flow of instruction to administer a test. This research-proven, technology-based approach accelerates reading skills development, predicts students’ year-end performance and provides teachers data-driven action plans to help differentiate instruction.”

Lexia Learning Core 5

Teachers in grades JK-5 utilize Lexia Reading Core 5 for feedback, intervention, and differentiation.


Northwest Evaluation Association was founded in 1973 with innovative means to measure personalized academic growth. MAPsor (Measure of Academic Progress) is a web-based assessment that assesses students’ ability in reading, language, and math. The program adapts to students to give them questions that are appropriate for their level and gives teachers feedback as to what strengths and weaknesses the students possess. MPB tests students JK-8 three times over the course of the year. As opposed to traditional standardized tests, MAP assessments provide very accurate and more importantly timely record of student growth.