Enrollment is open to children who are three years old through fifth grade. Children starting the Preschool Program must be fully potty trained (dry on a daily basis, with only occasional accidents). A two week trial period is given for all new preschool students. If at the end of two weeks the student has had multiple accidents or multiple accidents on a daily basis we will ask that the student be removed from the program until they are fully potty trained. Tuition would be due in order to keep the child’s space in the program.

Priority for admittance to MPBELC is given as follows: 1) Children currently enrolled at MPBELC. 2) Siblings of children currently enrolled at the ELC. 3) Children from families whose parents are registered, contributing members of MPB. 4) Children from families whose parents are registered, contributing members of other Catholic parishes. 5) Non- Catholic children who wish to attend MPBELC.

The application/registration period is usually held in January/February for the following summer and school year and continues until all classes are at maximum enrollment.

The center sends out registration forms to the currently enrolled families in February provided that all accounts are current and that there are no outstanding issues. At this time, registration forms are also given to new siblings. The forms and required registration fee must be returned by the set deadline in order to hold a space for the child.

New applicants will be contacted by phone at the beginning of March.

Children are placed in classes so that an equal balance of age and gender groups is maintained to the greatest extent possible.

If your child is accepted they must have the necessary paperwork (including a current physical, and immunization card) turned in by their start date. *Please note: We have children enrolled at the center who are not fully immunized. They have a medical, religious, or personal exemption checked on their card. IN THE EVENT OF AN OUTBREAK, EXEMPTED PERSONS MAY BE SUBJECT TO EXCLUSION FROM SCHOOL. If a child is excluded from school because of an outbreak tuition in full will still be expected.

We are an allergy conscious school. We have children with life threatening allergies therefore we do not allow any nut products in the building.

The center is operated on a nondiscriminatory basis providing equal treatment and access to services without regard to race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin.

Special needs children are accepted on an individual basis. A 30-day acclimation process is observed to determine whether or not the center meets the child’s needs.