This program is designed for the “late” 4-year olds who have August/September birthdays. (You must be 5 by October 1st in the Archdiocese for Kindergarten).  This program is strategically designed for those children who don’t need just another year of pre-K, but may not be quite ready to start school for the “rest of their life.”  These children will come to MPB  and be included in the kindergarten class.  Our teachers are certified and have had much experience with early learners. They will meld the Archdiocesan Preschool and the Kindergarten Standards into this new program in which your student will be a part of for two years.  Your child will be immersed into our total program, yet will be assessed on Junior Kindergarten expectations the first year and then the following year on Kindergarten expectations.  We are excited to be offering this new program for this narrow niche of students.  Please call the school at 303-757-1279 for more information.