Teachers use a variety of assessments to measure student growth. In addition to classroom tasks and tests, several standardized assessments are utilized to collect data and information for individual students and to guide instruction for their entire class.

MAP Tests (Measures of Academic Progress) are criterion-referenced tests administered to students twice yearly at Most Precious Blood. Our students generally begin maxing out ITBS (Iowa Test of Basic Skills) assessments in middle school, and generally score a year to a year and a half higher than their expected grade equivalent scores. This makes it difficult to measure actual, individual growth so in 2006 MPB began administering MAPS as an additional test to track individual growth. Additionally, the information gathered can be used by teachers to pinpoint exactly where a student may have gaps or where strategic growth can be made through tutoring and additional instruction. The latest rounds of the school-wide reports reveal that better than 80% of students are testing above proficiency in both math and reading. Teachers also use STARS and DIBELS assessments to guide student learning.