The middle school faculty is dedicated to preparing its students for high school. To accomplish this goal, each discipline emphasizes different areas of development. Together the middle school faculty works as a team with the students and parents to develop the skills and talents of each child. The middle school faculty continues to develop the skills required for the 21st century environment. Middle school students incorporate school iPads, laptops, the computer lab, SMART Response system as well as their own devices in their daily studies.  Academic studies are enriched by participation in the Regional Science Fair and visits to NCAR in Boulder and the Keystone Science School.

The religion curriculum is based in the history and beliefs of the Catholic Church with students participating in masses and prayer services throughout the year.

In language arts and reading, writing skills are reinforced through paragraphs, essays, research projects and creative writing using the Step Up to Writing program. Communication skills are strengthened through vocabulary enrichment, group participation and oral reports; and reading is reinforced through novels, short stories, plays and poetry.

The middle school history program has been developed to encourage and empower our young people to become active and moral citizens. Our social studies curriculum will develop their agency and critical thinking skills so they can use the lessons of history to inform the challenges they face in the modern era. Sixth grade covers the rise of civilizations to the medieval era. Students will learn a variety of analysis skills including how to excavate from an archaeological dig and support claims with evidence. Seventh grade will explore empires that develop during the medieval era up to the modern development of the countries we know today. Students will use the knowledge gained during the year and apply it to a simulation where they will create world peace in a time of crises. Eighth grade studies American history and government from Reconstruction to the present. Students will hone their logical reasoning skills as they explore pivotal turning points in American history and evaluate the ways citizens managed these events. Students will learn what it takes to advocate for important issues and work to change them in the communities.

Science emphasizes biology, physics, earth science and chemistry, encouraging the students to explore through hands-on experiments. Interdisciplinary approaches are also used in the education units taught. The science and language arts departments work together on a research project, which culminates in the science fair; the history and language arts departments work together on a mythology unit and additional units are planned for the future.

MPB strives to incorporate technology in all areas of the curriculum. Using the interactive white boards, teaching the use of the Internet and emphasizing competency with computers are goals of all teachers.

The 6th grade math curriculum includes broad coverage of number theory, geometry, the metric system and basic algebra. In this introductory year to the middle school the students are taught that math is so much more than just developing rudimentary skills for balancing checkbooks, measuring dimensions, and achieving good grades in math class. It is about problem solving, and that skill extends well beyond the confines of a math classroom. Our 7th grade math students are split into a regular 7th-grade level and an advanced-level. The regular class focuses on what is necessary to build their foundation. The advanced class addresses more challenging problems in the various math disciplines. The goal is to have as many students as possible attend the high school level Algebra class in 8th grade. All the students are taught that math is about finding solutions to an unlimited number and type of scenarios through data gathering, analysis, applications of theories and experience, creativity and perseverance. Our 8th grade math students take either Pre-Algebra or Algebra. The PreAlgebra class prepares students for high school Algebra. The Algebra class is the equivalent of entry-level high school Algebra. By the time they graduate all our math students are acutely aware of the importance of mathematical fluency. Such proficiency enhances all our lives when it comes to organization, discipline and believing in ideas that used to seem impossible.

CORE CURRICULUM : Math/Algebra, English/Literature, Religion, Social Studies/Geography, Science, Science Fair, Vocabulary, Art, Physical Education, Music, Technology