The intermediate (grades 3-5) school program is designed to further develop the basic skills learned in the primary grades while introducing the students to more advanced concepts in preparation for the expectations of middle school.

It is important to note that the intermediate grade’s program utilizes many and varied methods for learning in each subject area. This allows the student to grow as an individual and develop the talents and abilities that are unique to each child.

Language Arts grows from paragraph and sentence structure to creative writing, effective note taking, letter writing and research papers. Poetry, novel study and autobiographies reinforce the reading, composition and communication skills of the individual student.

Religion emphasizes the relationship each person has with God as experienced through the sacraments, the celebration of the liturgical year and preparation of weekly mass. Students learn about people of the Old Testament, Jewish customs and culture and the connection to Catholicism.

The math program for third grade develops abilities in graphing, estimation, multiplication, division, and fractions and investigates areas and capacity. The fourth and fifth grade programs expand these concepts and introduce decimals, ratios, the metric system and basic theories of algebra and geometry.

The social studies curriculum in the intermediate grades examines civilizations and cultures in both ancient times and here in Colorado. Students learn the required elements of research reports and develop more effective note taking and study skills.

Each class explores the varied discipline of geology, botany, physiology, astronomy, chemistry and earth science in science. Each grade uses experimentation, observation and basic scientific methods to progress to more advanced concepts and subject matter.

CORE CURRICULUM: Math, Religion, Science, Art, Technology, Physical Education, English, Reading, Social Studies, Spelling/Vocabulary, Music, Library, Spanish.