Sacramental Preparation is a parish-sponsored process. If your family is registered at Most Precious Blood Parish and you would like for your baptized child to prepare for the Sacraments of First Reconciliation (2nd grade) or Confirmation and First Communion in the Restored Order (3rd grade), you may register your child to prepare for and celebrate these sacraments through the parish website.

The religious education curriculum provided at Most Precious Blood Catholic School supports the preparation process in providing children a firm foundational understanding of the rich tradition of our Catholic faith. With the assistance of the pastor and the Faith Formation team, parents are responsible for preparing their children for the sacraments in the parish’s home-based program. This is a time of obvious growth in faith for children, but also an opportunity for parents to renew and deepen their personal faith as they engage in this process with their children.

For more information on MPB’s sacramental preparation programs and to register your child, visit the parish website!