Living the Faith

Faith is an integral part of a student’s life at MPB. Students attend mass at least once a week to celebrate the new covenant. Our faith in Jesus Christ is the reason our school exists. Therefore, we utilize both spiritual and academic experiences to allow students to deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ, increase their understanding of their faith, and connect their faith to their daily lives. Regular school liturgies, prayer experiences, sacramental preparation, retreats, classroom instruction, service learning, and extracurricular activities form the core of faith formation.

Celebrating the Faith

Our Catholic faith is the center of all that we do. Once a week we gather to celebrate the Mass, a celebration that brings together not only the students and the staff but also parents, grandparents and parishioners.

Beyond the liturgy, students learn the power of prayer early and often. Each day begins and ends in prayer. Each tribulation, each thanksgiving, and each contrition evokes prayer. Our community values and encourages children to use prayer as a means to speak with God.

MPB is dedicated to developing Catholics that share in the glory of the sacraments. Sacramental preparation is a parish-sponsored process.  Parish second graders are prepared for their first reconciliation, and third graders prepare for and celebrate their first communion and confirmation through the Archdiocese of Denver’s Restored Order.  For more information and to register your child for sacramental preparation, please visit our parish website.

Fifth grade leads the school in a dramatic still-life presentation of the Stations of the Cross during Lent. Kindergarten leads the school in May Crowning. Sixth grade reenacts the Nativity during Advent. The entire school celebrates the birth of Jesus in a heartfelt Christmas concert.

Embracing Service

Most Precious Blood believes in faith put into action. Each year our school supports parish efforts to provide Thanksgiving dinner to many families. We come together to purchase gifts for the needy so that others might share in the miracle of Christmas. Students are encouraged to spearhead their own projects to help others. Students have engineered projects to preserve the rainforest, pay for cleft-palate reconstruction, raise money for Children’s Hospital and donate towards cancer research. We give special support to the Delores Project which provides shelter and food for the needy in Denver.As students grow, they take on more responsibility for the community around them.

Celebrating Community

Most Precious Blood prides itself in our commitment to community. Students and parents learn very quickly that the school is a group of caring people willing to grow, help, and share. Collegiality is established through a buddy program that groups children from different grades together so they can interact and learn from each other. Younger students learn how to act and think like Catholics from the older students while older students learn the value of compassion and patience from the younger students.

Inspiring Achievement

Students are taught using the latest and best instructional practices. Teachers are invested in their own learning and participate in technological and instructional courses. A rigorous curriculum through the Archdiocese of Denver is the basis for instruction.Students will become sound thinkers, writers, readers, mathematicians, scientists historians, and Catholics. Teachers carefully monitor student progress with MAP testing (Measure of Academic Progress) and the Iowa Test of Basic Skills, along with periodic STAR assessments. Teachers use data from these and other assessments to formulate the best method for teaching their students. Students’ strengths are encouraged and weaknesses are addressed. Students are given the instruction and tools necessary for them to succeed.