MPB currently offers three club opportunities.

Spelling Bee

Spelling Bee has two divisions, intermediate (grades four and five) and advanced (grades six through eight).   Interested students attend weekly meetings where they play games, practice their spelling, and take “quizzes” to prepare them for actual competition.  In the winter of the year, all participating students may attend the Archdiocesan Spelling Bee (January for the intermediate team and February for the advanced team).  In March, there is a state competition where the winners of all regional competitions can compete.

We are pleased to announce that in the winter of 2013, an MPB seventh grader was the advanced bee winner for the entire Archdiocese!

Math Counts

Math Counts is open to any students in grades six through eight.  It is an extra-curricular math club that meets once a week.  Math Counts emphasizes two skills:  mental math and problem solving.  The math problems, which are written by the national Math Counts group, are designed to be solved by sixth through eighth graders in a multitude of ways depending on ability level.  Math Counts was designed to further students’ skills in math no matter their present skill level.   This club is for any student who wishes to improve his or her math skills.  Typically, there is a general school competition in the winter and a regional competition at DU in the spring.


The Archdiocese Speech Association provides 7th Graders and 8th Graders the opportunity to present speeches to judges at different archdiocesan venues.  The benefits of being on the MPB speech team include fun, excitement, a sense of achievement and a boost of self-confidence (and the extra credit from Language Arts teachers).  Students select their speeches (or write them in eighth grade) early in the process and practice repeatedly in front of volunteer teachers and sometimes classrooms of students.  Speeches fall into a number of categories depending on the meet.  Some possibilities include drama, humor, poetry, oratory, Readers’ Theatre (where each student has a part in a play-like piece),  speechmaking (where students prepare their own original speech), and impromptu (where students write a 45 second speech at the meet based on categories that they are given at the meet). MPB has been very successful at the recent speech meets and looks forward to continued success in the future!