While our official registration process takes place in the spring, applications are accepted throughout the year.  Below you’ll find the necessary steps and documents to begin the process of enrolling your child in our positive, challenging, and academic program with all the benefits of a Christian community. Each child and each family who joins the MPB community brings many blessings. Our focus on training the leaders of tomorrow using the Seven Habits of Effective People is an exciting new venture which promises to bring the best of your child out in these early formative years.

Please read the enclosed information carefully and return your application as soon as possible. Tuition rates will be determined by the end of February and will be published before registration packets are sent.

These are the steps to the MPB registration process:

1) Application:  Please complete and return the MPB School Application. There is an application fee of $50.00 per student. This fee is non-refundable. If your child attends Most Precious Blood Early Learning Center or another private school, all accounts must be current in order for your application to be accepted.

2) Screening: All students will be contacted to arrange a date and time for screening after applications are accepted.

3) Shadowing: All students in grades 1-8 may shadow if this would be a helpful aspect in making a family decision about the school that fits your child best. Contact Alyssa Sanchez (asanchez@mpbdenver.org) in the Main Office to arrange this prior to arrival.

4) Registration: Once you receive your acceptance letter, your child has been screened and has shadowed (if appropriate), you will be asked to register. Additional forms and fees will be required at this time.

Families seeking to enroll children with in-parish status at Most Precious Blood Catholic School must be active members of the parish for at least six months prior to applying for this status. An active member of the parish is defined by a)regular attendance at parish worship; b)consistent, identifiable offertory support of parish ministries; and c)regular, ongoing involvement in one or more parish ministries or activities. Please click here for parish registration details.


Mid-year transfers are considered depending on specific grade openings. Please contact the school office at 303-757-1279 for more information.